Klô Pelgag


This is a feat that few artists can accomplish: giving birth to pleasing melodies with rich, extravagant arrangements in such an effortless way. You have to be amazed by so much talent. A work of art. – ICI Musique

She wears costumes as singular as those of Diane Dufresne, she holds on to her quirkiness and childlike imagination, she sings like a mermaid, and she writes lyrics that all other poets would envy […] Klô Pelgag moves us and surprises us at the same time. – VOIR

Wise violins and crazy piano coexist in a heady, harmonic, Kate Bushian album, which features very original vocals as always. – Longueur d’ondes

Pop-leaning while diving into ambitious orchestral arrangements (the strings and brass in “La maison jaune” are particularly stirring), Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs feels like a life’s work in 12 songs. — CBC Music

Klô Pelgag’s songs aren’t just a display of language in the literary sense (with lyrics that read like poetry) but the music generates landscape and emotion on its own, even without needing to understand the French lyrics. Regardless of a language barrier, Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs can still transport listeners into a universe whether they take in the literal meanings or not. – Exclaim!

Klô Pelgag’s brand new album, “Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs” is now available via Secret City Records.

Listen to/Buy “Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs” by clicking here.

This is a life-saving album for the singer-songwriter, and it has been included in the “22 albums you need to hear” by CBC Music, while Rolling Stone France described it as a “simultaneously subversive and unique project, featuring baroque pop haunted by her anxieties and her powerful imagination, with rich instrumentation.” For the very first time, Klô Pelgag handled the arrangements of several songs (Rémora, La maison jaune, Où vas-tu quand tu dors), while renowned musician Owen Pallett arranged a few others (À l’ombre des cyprès, J’aurai les cheveux longs, Soleil). Since the announcement of the release of the album, four singles have been shared with the public: Rémora, J’aurais les cheveux longs “an intimate, touching song” (Le Canal Auditif), Umami, as well as La maison jaune “a unique song” (La Presse). A few curious fans had the chance to listen to the whole album before its release during a listening experience organized by Le Festif! in Baie-Saint-Paul, in front of the St. Lawrence River.

Klô Pelgag will perform live this fall in Montreal and in France, and in February 2021 in Quebec City. Several other tour dates will be announced shortly.