Klô Pelgag
Klô Pelgag

ADISQ Gala: 13 Félix for Klô Pelgag

This year, all eyes were on Klô Pelgag since she led the nominations at the ADISQ Gala. Indeed, the singer-songwriter had eight nominations at the industry gala and eight others in artistic categories.

At the industry gala, Klô Pelgag and her team won 7 Félix:

My team and I won seven distinctions yesterday at the ADISQ Gala (the industry gala, well buried in the deep web). Of course, this photo (not very recent or happy) does not represent the happiness of sharing these pats in the back with my friends. Thanks to Secret City Records and the COOP Les Faux-Monnayeurs for the immoderate help on my life project.

  • Disc Production – that I share with Sylvain Deschamps
  • Arrangements – that I share with Owen Pallett
  • Sound recording and mix – Congrat Pierre Girard et Sylvain Deschamps
  • Staging and scenography – for le spectacle Spectral – Vivre – Congrats Laurence Baz Morais
  • Sound – for le spectacle Spectral – VIVRE – Congrats Pierre Girard and Rami Renno
  • Album Cover – Congrats Florence Obrecht, Marc-Étienne Mongrain, David Beauchemin and Julien Hébert (as well as Léonie, Mélanie and Amélia)
  • Script- Congrats Roy » – Klô Pelgag

She then won 4 Félix at the first gala:

  • « Album of the year – Alternative » for Notre-Dâme-des-Sept-Douleurs
  • « Album of the year – Critic’s choice » for Notre-Dâme-des-Sept-Douleurs
  • « Internationale collaboration of the year » for the song Sorcière with Pomme
  • « Music video of the year » for Mélamine

Following her performance, the talented artist added 2 Félix to her collection at the ADISQ Gala:

  • « Songwriter of the year »
  • « Online Show of the year – Francophone » for Vivre: Le spectacle Spectral

“A lovely evening with my friends. Thank you for being such a kind and caring audience. Thank you for being with me for the music, and thank you to the music for being there for me. We are continuing the tour, come see us, we are very decent people. xxx ” – Klô Pelgag